Dish Unveils New Spokeslistener Spots

Dish Network unveiled a pair of new TV ad spots from its latest ad agency of record – The Richards Group – that steer its “Spokeslistener” campaign in a new creative direction.

The two spots highlight Dish college and NFL football offerings – “Road Trip,” which emphasizes Dish customers have access to every major Division I college football game; and “Extra” focuses on Dish’s current NFL Red Zone promotion so customers get extra action at no extra cost.

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Dish launched the Spokeslistener campaign in February 2017, part of its “Tuned Into You” promise. In a statement, Dish said with The Richards Group – which became its agency of record in March -- the spots take a new creative approach – “The Unheard.”

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According to Dish, “The Unheard creative features a Spokeslistener who’s uniquely in tune with identifying those who have felt unheardby their past TV providers. He speaks less, and he listens more.”