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Dish Techs Add Samsung Washing Machine Repair to Repertoire

Dish Network confirmed that it has teamed up with Samsung to repair in-home washing machines, adding another item on the satellite TV giant's fix-it capabilities. 

The partnership comes amid a recent voluntary Samsung recall of some 3 million top-loading washing machines that were made between March 2011 and October 2016 that were at risk of losing balance and triggering excessive vibrations that could cause the top to separate from the washer.

“DISH is working with Samsung as an authorized repair partner, providing convenient, in-home washing machine repair for impacted customers nationwide. As an authorized repair partner, we’ve worked with Samsung to develop training for DISH technicians, which includes hands-on experience,” Dish said in a statement, noting that its “flexible workforce was well-positioned to quickly respond to Samsung’s needs." 

Other partners that have been trained to help Samsung handle the recall include A&E Factory Service, Installs Inc., and National Service Alliance, though some told The Consumerist that they weren’t happy with the outside techs or that the techs tried to sell them other products. Dish told the pub that techs performing in-home repairs of Samsung washers are there to focus on that, but “may discuss other offerings on a case-by-case basis.”

Dish pointed out that the Samsung partnership also highlights the expanding scope of its techs, which now serve both Dish and non-Dish customers with various kinds of services.

Dish, for example, launched a national smartphone repair business last May

Dish’s Smart Home Services unit also handles other work such as TV installations (including mounting TVs to walls) and help with wireless networking and other home audio/video products.