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Dish, Reebok: Suit Up in an NFL Jersey

Watch the ad, buy the jersey.

That's what EchoStar Communications Dish Network customers will be able to do later this season during ESPN's Monday Night Football,as the direct-broadcast satellite provider initiates an interactive-ad campaign with advertiser Reebok.

As part of the brand's new When Did I Know? ad campaign, Dish began inserting commercials with an interactive overlay Monday, allowing consumers to click through to a fully branded interactive ad.

The Web-like screen will allow viewers to watch long-form interviews with the Reebok National Football League star of the week, including players such as Peyton Manning, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Hall and Torry Holt. They can also play football-trivia games in an attempt to win pro jerseys and, later in the campaign, order replica jerseys by entering credit-card information via their remote controls.

The interactive-TV ad was designed by enabled by ad firm BrightLine Partners, The Media Group and Ensequence.