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Dish Offers A&E's ‘The Beast' In 1080p Resolution On VOD

Dish Network is claiming to be the first pay-TV provider, along with A&E Network, to offer a television series in 1080p resolution quality comparable to Blu-Ray disc.
A&E's new drama series The Beast is now available to Dish Network subscribers via its Internet Protocol Video On Demand platform in 1080p the day after a new episode premieres. Dish Network subscribers with an MPEG-4 HD DVR receiver, an HDTV set that is 1080p compatible, and a broadband connection will be able to access, download and watch The Beast.
"We are thrilled to work with A&E in pioneering these efforts by taking television to the next level using 1080p format," Jessica Insalaco, Dish's chief marketing officer, said in a statement. "As the first pay-TV provider to first offer VOD movies and now offer a TV series in 1080p, Dish Network continues to lead the industry when it comes to delivering the best quality programming options, DVR technology and overall value for our customers."
InThe Beast, which premiered on Jan. 15, an unorthodox but effective FBI veteran Charles Barker, played by Patrick Swayze, trains a rookie partner, played by Travis Fimmel, in his own hard-edged and psychologically intense style while being investigated by a secret Internal Affairs team. Set on the gritty streets of Chicago, Barker hazes his new partner as they work undercover, brilliantly manipulating situations, constantly testing him, and pushing him to delve deeper into his "roles."
Swayze, who is receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer, was recently released from a hospital after getting pneumonia. He cancelled his appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour after checking himself into the hospital for the pneumonia.
To access the Dish Network's 1080p IP-VOD content, customers with an MPEG-4 HD DVR receiver need to select the DVR button on their remote control and choose the DishOnline feature. They can also access the IP-VOD service by selecting Menu on their remote, followed by Dish On Demand and DishOnline. Subscribers will see a variety of content and must select movies with 1080p after the titles in order to get the comparable to Blu-Ray disc quality films.