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Dish Looking to Fight Video Piracy with Blockchain

Dish Network is looking to use blockchain technology to better track video content and keep it out of the hands of digital pirates.

According to an application filed with the U.S. Patent Office in mid-2018, unearthed this week by Coindesk, the satellite TV operator is developing a “software and/or hardware facility that can be used by content owners to assert ownership of content so that copyright friendly websites and services can take action against copyright piracy effectively, efficiently and is scalable is disclosed. The facility makes available to all content owners watermarking/fingerprinting technology so an identifier (e.g., a unique code) can be embedded in the content (e.g., video/audio portion of each video content asset). The facility utilizes blockchain technology to add information related to each unique identifier in a database and allows an authorized user (e.g., the owner) to update the information through a blockchain transaction.”

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