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Dish Gets Hopped Up On Pandora

Dish Network has added the Pandora streaming music service for subscribers using its Hopper multiroom DVR system, for no additional charge.

The Pandora service on the Hopper, which requires an Internet connection, lets customers create personalized radio stations based on artist or genre.

Dish announced Hopper at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and began shipping the product in March. The Hopper ($10 per month) features three satellite TV tuners and a 2-Terabyte hard drive that stores up to 2,000 hours of programming. The client Joey units ($7 per month each) let customers watch DVR content in up to three other rooms in their home.

In addition to Pandora, Hopper features apps for Facebook, Twitter, The Weather Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports, photo-sharing and games.