Dish Brings Netflix to the Hopper Duo DVR

Dish Network said it has wrapped up the integration of Netflix with the Hopper Duo, a slimmed-down, two-tuner HD-DVR that was introduced in January.

This latest integration follows Dish’s original Netflix tie-in on earlier-generation Hopper models in 2014, and more recently with its flagship product, the 4K-capable Hopper 3, and its Joey clients and Wally HD receivers.

Dish subs can access Netflix on the Hopper Duo by pressing the “Home” button on the remote and selecting the Netflix icon, or by tuning to channel 370 in the Dish program guide.

Dish introduced the Hopper Duo in January as a device for customer homes with one or two TVs. That product features a 500 GB hard drive, the Hopper UI, universal search, a remote finder and compatibility with Amazon Alexa as well as apps such as Game Finder and Pandora.