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Dish Adds Taiwanese Mega Pak

EchoStar Communications is now offering the 13-channel Taiwanese Mega Pak, the most Taiwanese-language networks in one package.

The new programming tier costs $34.99 per month and includes ET-Global, ET-News, ET-Drama, ET-China, YOYO, JET International, SETI, i-Cable, CTS, CTV, TTV, SkyLink TV and SkyLink TV-2.

New Taiwanese Mega Pak customers will be eligible to receive Dish Network’s international $100 back offer, which amounts to $10 per month in credit for 10 months of service. Thus, for 10 months, a subscriber will pay only $24.99 per month.

Taiwanese Mega Pak customers who do not subscribe to a qualifying basic-programming package will be charged a $6-per-month service-access fee.