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Discovery taps another CBS exec

Another high-level CBS sales executive is joining Discovery Networks U.S. --
Scott McGraw, who was in charge of sports sales for CBS, resigned Monday to join
his former boss, Joe Abruzzese, who joined Discovery three weeks ago to run the
sales operation.

Sources close to CBS said they weren't surprised to see McGraw make the move,
as he had been passed over at CBS to replace Abruzzese, whose job went to
another top in-house sales executive, JoAnn Ross. McGraw's contract was also
said to be up.

Abruzzese said Monday night that it was unclear where McGraw would fit in the
organization but it's likely that McGraw would have direct operating
responsibility for some part of the business. Yet to be finalized also is the
reporting relationship among Abruzzese, McGraw and Bill McGowan, Discovery's top
sales executive before Abruzzese joined the company. The company is on record,
however, as saying McGowan's duties won't be diminished going forward.

As head of sports sales for CBS, McGraw controlled inventory that represented
approximately 45 percent of CBS-TV's ad sales revenue, Abruzzese said. He also
insisted that McGraw's hire did not signal the start of a major raid on CBS
sales talent. "He's the only one," Abruzzese said. "Scott was just too good and
opportunity to pass up."

Abruzzese said he couldn't rule out hiring other CBS salespeople if
they're out looking for new jobs and a slot opens at the Discovery and the fit
is right. But he stressed that he wasn't actively recruiting anyone else at CBS.