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Discovery remembers 9/11

Discovery Networks U.S. plans to commemorate the first anniversary of Sept. 11
with special programming airing across five of its 12 cable networks.

Beginning in late August, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Health
Channel and Discovery Civilization Channel will run 14 hours of documentaries and specials.

On Sept. 11, all of the "Faces of 9/11" programs will run continuously
on Discovery Civilization.

Discovery Channel is partnering with The New York Times to bring
the newspaper's Portraits of Grief series to television.

That documentary will air Monday, Sept. 9.

Also that night, Discovery Networks will air two more one-hour specials:

TLC will air devote three hours of prime time Sept. 6 and
8 to special programming, highlighted by 110 Stories, eyewitness and
photographic accounts of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Travel will contribute two documentaries, World Trade Center:
Triumph and Tragedy
, a retrospective on the Twin Towers, airs Sept. 2.

A documentary shot in the San Francisco Airport as the events of Sept. 11
unfolded, Airport: On Alert, airs Sept. 5.

Discovery Health starts off the coverage Aug. 29 with Aftermath: The
Road to Resilience
, the stories of Brooklyn residents on one street.

A baby special, 9/11 Babies, airs Sept. 1.