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Discovery Networks Tops With Cord-Cutters

Networks owned by Discovery were among those non-subscribers to cable and cord cutters were most interested in seeing, according to a new survey by Beta Research.

Discovery Channel's 'Gold Rush'

Discovery Channel's 'Gold Rush'

Four Discovery networks — Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network and ID were among the eight highest scoring channels in the survey.

Discovery is in the process of formulating an over-the-top strategy for letting non-cable subscribers consume its programming.

Also among the most-frequently named networks were A+E’s History, Disney’s National Geographic Channel and FX and ViacomCBS’s Comedy Central.

Among non-subscribers to cable who are heavy viewers of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, the networks that drew the most interest were Food Network, Comedy Central, FX, ID and Discovery.

Beta Research conducted the survey from May 5 through May 12 and interviewed 1,470 multichannel subscribers and a sub-sample of 529 non-subscribers and cord-cutters.