Discovery HD Theater Offers Affils HD Infomercial

To help educate consumers about the HDTV category, Discovery HD Theater has created a customized, five-minute HDTV video infomercial.

Available to affiliate partners, the new HD infomercial is designed to promote the growth of HDTV and demystify the high-definition category by answering consumers’ questions, such as: What is HDTV? What are the benefits? What programs can I get in HD? What do I need, and how do I get HDTV in my home?

Discovery is working to develop customized HD infomercials with a number of operating partners.

Clint Stinchcomb, senior vice president and general manager of Discovery HD Theater at Discovery Networks U.S., said in a prepared statement: “Our hope is that our operating partners will use this tool to educate and grow HDTV as a category.”

Affiliates can show the video on local-access channels, at community events, in retail locations, on their Web sites or in the lobbies of customer-care centers. ( will also provide the infomercial in the Discovery HD Theater section of the site.