Discovery Finds Place on iTunes

Silver Spring, Md.— Discovery Communications Inc. became the first nonfiction and documentary programmer to cut a deal to supply programming to Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes store (

Apple, charging $1.99 per episode, will make an array of shows available from Discovery Channel (Mythbusters, Extreme Engineering, among them), Travel Channel (World’s Best, Passport to Europe), Discovery Health Channel (Amazing Babies, Pregnancies For Dummies), Animal Planet (Most Extreme, Breed All About It) and Discovery Kids (Kenny the Shark, Save-Ums).

Discovery will also offer vignettes through the free podcasting feature on iTunes, including behind-the-scenes footage from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and parenting and family tips from TLC’s Shalom in the Home.

“Now, new possibilities are opened for people who want to use Discovery’s high-quality knowledge-rich content on the go, while we also promote Discovery’s television networks,” said Don Baer, senior executive vice president, strategy and development at Discovery Communications, in a statement. “Wherever they are and whenever they want, consumers can use the iPod to learn and be entertained with Discovery’s content about people, places, cultures, science, health and much more.”

DCI also launched education site Cosmeo ( in March, charging $9.95 monthly for access to the site, marketed as a homework tool.

iTunes features $1.99 shows from several broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, Fox, Comedy Central, Bravo and Showtime.