Discovery Communications Invests in DivvyCloud

Discovery Communications Nov. 29 announced it has made an investment in DivvyCloud, a three-year-old cloud software technology company that Discovery has worked with for a year. Arlington, Va,-based DivvyCloud has raised approximately $3 million to date.

DivvyCloud’s BotFactory solution tracks changes in cloud infrastructure using more than 100 automation “bots” to tackle cloud infrastructure issues, including security and compliance. The solution works with most major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

“Given the value that DivvyCloud has delivered to Discovery in our adoption of the cloud, we see a real potential for growth that we’re excited to be a part of,” said John Honeycutt, Discovery Communications CTO, in a statement. “The leadership team at DivvyCloud brings a compelling mix of deep technical expertise and operational experience to support critical enterprise solutions at scale.”

DivvyCloud CEO Brian Johnson added: “We are very pleased with the confidence Discovery has shown in DivvyCloud by making this investment. Technology companies increasingly rely on the cloud to deliver value to their customers and DivvyCloud helps ensure these cloud strategies scale effectively.”