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DirecTV Won't Charge For NFL Package Until Labor Dispute Resolved

DirecTV contacted NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers Thursday to announce a "no-risk policy" regarding the upcoming season for the league that is currently undergoing a work stoppage due to a labor dispute.

In an email, DirecTV told customers it will not charge them until it is confirmed that the 2011 season will begin.  It also said that once an agreement is reached, then it will begin charging in installments as it usually does.  And for those who believe the work stoppage could lead to the cancellation of any games, DirecTV says it will adjust the charges accordingly if any games are cancelled.

The email then drives subscribers to a website at

At that address, the satellite provider says the following:

You won't pay until they play.

We at DIRECTV love football. That's why for over 15 years, DIRECTV has been the exclusive home for NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM, the only way to watch your favorite teams no matter where you live. And DIRECTV will continue to be the exclusive home for NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM. Like all football fans, we are hoping for a positive resolution to the current NFL labor negotiations. And when the NFL is ready to play, we will be ready to bring you every game every Sunday.If the NFL negotiations result in a shortened or canceled season, rest assured that DIRECTV has you covered. Your subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM is risk-free: You will not pay for any game that the NFL does not play.*Please return to this page for the latest updates and news concerning your NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM subscription.NFL Labor NewsFor the latest updates concerning the NFL labor negotiations, please visit the NFL Labor News page.

*If your subscription is set for renewal, you will not be charged until there is a confirmed start date for the 2011 season. If you've already paid for the 2011 season or are currently making payments, you will receive a credit for every missed week of NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM. You do not need to call Customer Service-these credits will be applied to your account automatically. Likewise, when games are scheduled to begin, you won't have to do anything to re-start NFL SUNDAY TICKETTM. You will be set to enjoy the new season.