DirecTV Uses NDS To Insert Ads Into DVRs

DirecTV is using NDS software to insert ads into subscribers' DVRs, as part of its nationwide addressable-advertising system scheduled to launch in the second half of 2011.

The No. 1 satellite operator will use elements of the NDS Dynamic suite of advanced advertising solutions including local DVR video ad insertion and audience measurement capabilities. The NDS software will be deployed on DirecTV's standard-definition DVRs allowing insertion of household-addressable ads into both live and recorded video content from the DVR hard drive.

DirecTV's addressable-ad system is intended to reach 10 million subscribers, with the ability to store up to 120 different 30-second ads per DVR.

The NDS technology is a multipurpose ad management service that can communicate with an advertising decision system. DirecTV is using the Invidi Technologies ad decision system to direct which spot to run based on household demographic data and other parameters.

Meanwhile, DirecTV has an agreement with Starcom MediaVest Group, under which SMG has committed to spend $10 million to $20 million on household-addressable ads in 2011.

"NDS technologies are an important part of our ad-insertion project, leveraging DVRs to deliver addressable ads to the households advertisers really want to reach -- enabling them to better access their target audiences and providing a more valuable platform for ad delivery," DirecTV chief technology officer Rômulo Pontual said in a statement.

DirecTV and NDS have been partners since 1994, when the operator began using NDS conditional access to provide content protection. Last week, DirecTV inked a five-year contract extension with NDS for set-top box software and digital video recorder technology through January 2016.

In another advertising deal, NDS is working with BSkyB on that operator's AdSmart project.

Separately, on Monday NDS's Jungo subsidiary launched Panorama, a remote management system for customer premises equipment for cable and telecom service providers. The Panorama is designed to provide a full network map-view of both retail and managed devices, and allows the service provider to zoom in on a single device for more detailed monitoring and troubleshooting.