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DirecTV Tracks Your Fantasy-Football Team

DirecTV is offering stat-hungry National Football League fans a menu of new interactive features for its exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket package service at no additional charge, according to officials.

The new features provide team statistics from NFL Sunday Ticket games and -- most notably for stat-mongers and fantasy players -- the ability to track player performances while viewing NFL regular-season games.

The new NFL Sunday Ticket Player Tracker allows fans to select up to nine NFL players from around the league and track their performance throughout the day via real-time on-screen alerts on every NFL Sunday Ticket game channel, as well as the Game Mix and Red Zone channels. The alerts appear when one of the selected players does anything of significance during a game, whether it’s a 71-yard rush or a two-yard touchdown pass.

In addition, fans will be able to bring up a My Players statistical overlay at the touch of a button, listing up-to-the-minute cumulative statistics for their players.

To access these new features, all that is required along with the NFL Sunday Ticket service is interactive DirecTV system equipment.

“With our new interactive features for this year’s NFL Sunday Ticket, fantasy players no longer have to face the dilemma of tracking their fantasy-team players and their opponent’s players on their computer while watching the games themselves on TV, ” DirecTV Entertainment president David Hill said in a prepared statement.

In addition to the new Player Tracker feature, DirecTV added a variety of new team stats available on-demand, including first downs, third-down efficiency, interceptions/interception yards and fumbles/fumbles lost.

Individual stats have also been beefed up, providing stat lines for the top four players on each team in rushing, passing and receiving.

Finally, a Today’s Best tab will feature the top five players from the day’s NFL Sunday Ticket games in each of the three aforementioned categories.