DirecTV To Offer 3 Extra Views of Masters Golf Tournament

DirecTV Inc.'s golf fans will have three other "views" devoted to coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament in April, as the satellite provider will dedicate a multi-channel package to the sporting event.

The centerpiece of its coverage will be a "Masters Mix" channel, with access of four different views of the Augusta golf course on one screen surrounding the national broadcasts from CBS and ESPN.

Each of the additional channels will be fully produced with its own production crew, additional cameras and announcers. Customers with interactive receivers can highlight one of the four views on the screen to hear live audio on each, and expand that view to a full screen by pressing the "select" button on the remote.

This is the latest interactive package from the satellite TV provider.Past initiatives have included interactive versions of NFL Sunday Ticket, NASCAR Hotpass and Mega March Madness.

DirecTV will also offer on-demand capability to all its DVR customers, with content including a preview of the April 10-13 tournament; a recap of last year's contest and round-by-round highlights. Coverage will be available both in standard and high-definition.