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DirecTV Now Tries to Keep Subs On The Hook

As a way to reward its current customers and encourage them to stay with the OTT TV service, DirecTV Now has introduced a “Loyalty Reward” program for subs who joined before March 6.

Under it, DirecTV is offering free HBO for 12 months for customers on its “Go Big” and “Gotta Have It” packages, or $5 off the monthly rate for six months to customers on its lower-end “Live a Little” and “Just Right” packages.

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Customers on Go Big or Gotta Have It who are already paying an extra $5 for HBO will get an automatic credit in that amount. A $5 discount will also be applied to customers who prepaid for HBO as part of a promotion that gave new DirecTV Now subs an Apple TV if they paid for three months of service up front.

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While the program offers perks for the current subscriber base, it’s also a tactic to prevent customers from churning off of the no-contract OTT offering.

AT&T added about 200,000 DirecTV Now subs during the first month the service was available. DirecTV Now launched on Nov. 30, 2016.