DirecTV Insists It Actually Had Its DTC Stream Game Clicking for Week 3 of 'NFL Sunday Ticket'

NFL Sunday Ticket
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DirecTV said technical issues that caused widespread streaming disruption for customers using the over-the-top version of NFL Sunday Ticket during the first two weeks of the season were resolved for Sunday's games. 

“In week 3 we saw record high concurrent streams with zero systemwide viewing or ordering issues," a DirecTV spokesperson told Next TV via email. "Our customers were able to enjoy the games throughout the day, and we've worked directly with the limited number of those who might have needed 1-1 attention based on their unique circumstances.”

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Since NFL Sunday Ticket started its 2022 season with live coverage of the Sunday Sept. 11 NFL regular-season game schedule, those using the DTC version of the service,, have complained about myriad technical problems. 

There were complaints this past Sunday, too. But unlike the previous two Sundays, DirecTV insisted those were anomalies -- there were no system-wide technical issues this time. 

After being the exclusive distributor of the Sunday Ticket out-of-market games package for the last quarter-century, DirecTV is currently paying around $1 billion to license what will be its last season as primary license holder. 

Notably, while it disputed Next TV's Tuesday report about week 3 streaming issues, DirecTV reps didn't take issue with our long-postulated theory that it is no longer restricting access to the DTC version of Sunday Ticket only to customers who are unable to receive DirecTV satellite pay TV service. 

For all intent and purposes, DirecTV is now marketing Sunday Ticket as a DTC streaming package, available in app form -- or directly from DirecTV's website -- without a DirecTV subscription. 

Indeed, the landing page for NFL Sunday Ticket searches now directs users to sign up for the DTC version of the package. If you look for it, DirecTV still includes messaging saying the service remains restricted to apartment dwellers and others who can't properly hang a DirecTV satellite dish on their rooftop. 

But despite that disclaimer, pretty much anyone now seems able to sign up for the service. 

The NFL has reportedly coveted DTC streaming access to the Sunday Ticket package. Bidders to assume its rights include Google, Apple, Amazon and Disney. 

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