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DirecTV Hits the Track with NASCAR HOTPASS

DirecTV will allow fans of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing “to ride shotgun with their favorite drivers” through its new interactive NASCAR HOTPASS service.

The direct-broadcast satellite service and the racing organization reached an exclusive three-year deal for the service, which will let DirecTV subscribers choose between five fully produced channels during NASCAR events. Each channel will offer multiple camera angles, real-time statistics, in-car audio communication and a dedicated announcer team.

“NASCAR is always breaking ground in presenting new ways for our fans to become fully immersed in the NASCAR experience,” vice president of broadcasting and new media Dick Glover said in a prepared statement. “DirecTV is a company consistently on the leading edge of sports television innovations, so this was a perfect fit.”

DirecTV Entertainment president David Hill added, “NASCAR fans are the most passionate and committed fans in all sports. Their depth of knowledge of what it takes to win is matched only by their commitment to their favorite driver. We're giving the fans of five drivers a race the chance to live the entire race sitting next to their favorite driver. They'll hear driver conversations with the spotter and crew chief, they'll hear and experience every decision, and watch every move they make -- right or wrong.”