DirecTV Going Over The Top With NDS Security Software

DirecTV has picked NDS's new VideoGuard Connect digital rights management system to protect content it flings to subscribers' devices, including PCs, Macs, Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

The VideoGuard Connect DRM solution will let DirecTV deliver linear channels and on-demand content over the open Internet to provide providing a traditional TV user experience.

"Our subscribers expect quality content and the best viewing experience from DirecTV," DirecTV chief technology officer Rômulo Pontual said in a statement. "We will use VideoGuard Connect's highly secure DRM to ensure content producers and DirecTV can support consumers' growing desire for a video experience on multiple screens. VideoGuard Connect is a valuable addition to our portfolio of solutions from NDS."

DirecTV has not announced plans to offer live TV on non-TV devices. The operator offers subscribers access to the HBO Go and Max Go authentication service -- available on computers, iPads, iPhones and Android devices -- as well as Sony Movie Channel content online.

In addition to VideoGuard Connect DRM, NDS provides conditional-access technology and services to DirecTV under a deal that currently runs through June 2013.

Earlier this year, DirecTV signed a five-year contract extension with NDS for set-top box software and DVR technology through January 2016.

BSkyB, the top satellite operator in the U.K. and Ireland, also has picked NDS's VideoGuard Connect DRM to deliver "Sky Go" to Apple iOS devices.

Sky Go provides live linear channels to iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch, according to a user's subscription package, via 3G or Wi-Fi. VideoGuard Connect provides content segmentation and encryption for Sky Go.

"VideoGuard Connect allows TV operators to incorporate [over the top] into a more compelling and complete suite of TV services without compromising the security or reliability of the platform," NDS vice president and chief marketing officer Nigel Smith said.