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DirecTV Celebrates HDTV Launch with Emmy Party

DirecTV is kicking off its high-definition expansion this month by hosting its first annual Emmy party, which promises to be a star-studded event at the West Hollywood Municipal Park.

The nation’s largest satellite provider will hold the soiree, the DirecTV 100 HD Emmy Party, immediately following the 59th Emmy Awards Sunday.

DirecTV, “in honor” of its plan to debut 100 HD channels by the end of the year, says it will turn the park into “an HD oasis.” The interior of a huge hot-air balloon sphere will serve as a lounge and dance floor, with music timed to video effects projected on the sphere. The sphere will also be surrounded by an outside lounge for guests.

The entrance to the event will be festooned with a 16-by-66 sign, made out of flat-screen televisions, spelling out “100 HD.”

There is a lengthy guest list of celebrities slated to come to the DirecTV party, and Emmy-winners from the top categories who attend will receive a flat-panel TV as part of their “goodie bag.”

DirecTV’s post-Emmy party is being held directly across the street from the Pacific Design Center, where HBO hosts its after-Emmy party. DirecTV this month is set to start rolling out its expanded HDTV lineup, adding about 70 channels this fall en route to100 by year’s end.

The satellite provider’s Emmy Party is being sponsored by its new HD channels, including NBC Universal, Fox, Disney/ESPN, Turner, A&E Networks, The Weather Channel, MTV Networks, and Showtime. Playboy, Intel and Philips are additional sponsors.