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DirecTV, AT&T Set-Tops Certified For Energy Star Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has certified set-top boxes used by DirecTV and AT&T under the Energy Star program for video providers.

According to the EPA's Energy Star site, IPTV set-tops from Motorola and Cisco Systems used with AT&T's U-verse service and 11 DirecTV receivers have been certified as of Jan. 16.

The voluntary Energy Star program, which sets energy-efficiency guidelines for household appliances, established standards for digital set-top boxes and DVRs that became effective Jan. 1. Set-tops certified under the program are at least 30% more efficient than conventional models, according to the EPA.

AT&T said new U-verse TV customers will begin to receive Motorola and Cisco Systems receivers that feature the Energy Star label.

"We're committed to helping our customers support environmentally responsible efforts with more efficient products and services like the Energy Star efficient set-top box," said G.W. Shaw, executive director of AT&T U-verse marketing, in a statement.

AT&T was the first video service provider that committed to deploying set-top boxes meeting the Energy Star standards in May 2008.