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DirecTV Aims for Top of Pop World

DirecTV is launching its first exclusive original programming series, CD USA, a weekly music show. 

Premiering on Saturday, Jan. 21, the hour-long show will feature performances by artists, as well as news and interviews from the music world. 

The show will first air every Saturday at 11 a.m. ET/PT, and then run continuously for 48 hours on channel 101, as well as in high definition on channel 401.

The show, which will feature as many as seven musical performances, will be shot live-to-tape at the Tribune Studios in Los Angeles. Produced by Blaze Television, it is a spin-off of a British show, CD UK.

As part of the new show, DirecTV owner News Corp. will also leverage its recent purchase of Intermix Media and its online portal MySpace, as DirecTV will partner with the online site to highlight featured artists and songs.