DirecTV Adds Madness to March

Forget March Madness: DirecTV Inc. is set for “Mega March Madness.”

The direct-broadcast satellite company will introduce several new features for its exclusive package when CBS Sports' coverage of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship tips off March 16.

DirecTV said the new features -- including a “Game Mix” channel, on-screen stats and an interactive tournament bracket -- will employ the same advanced technology it used for its “DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan” option last year.

Game Mix features up to three game broadcasts on one screen, and it allows viewers with DirecTV interactive receivers to move between the various games during the tournament's first three rounds.

As far as statistics, an on-screen L-wrap application -- available at the push of a button on all four game channels -- will feature real-time clocks and scores from live games and additional scoring summaries from current-round games without viewers missing any of the game they are watching.

And the interactive bracket will allow viewers to not only view the current Tournament bracket, but also to input their own predictions and track their progress as the event unfolds, with a running total of games correctly or incorrectly predicted.

Mega March Madness will cost $59 for residential customers.