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Digital talk at NAB 2002

As part of NAB 2002's emphasis on the transition to digital television, the
National Association of Broadcasters will hold two events focusing on digital

On Sunday, April 7, a wide range of executives will discuss the issues
surrounding the transition in a two-part panel called 'Solving the DTV
Transition Puzzle.'

Issues discussed will include set-top-box interoperability, copyright,
zoning, equipment delays, high-definition programming and interactive

The session will open with remarks from former Federal Communications
Commission chairman Richard Wiley, senior partner at Wiley Rein & Fielding

Panelists will include Michael Fiorile, president and CEO of Dispatch
Broadcast Group; Rick Chessen, chairman of the FCC's DTV Task Force; Paul
Karpowicz, vice president of television for LIN Television Corp.; Gary Shapiro,
president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association; Gary Arlen, president
of Arlen Communications Inc.; Mark Cuban, chairman and president of HDNet; Joe
Macione, executive VP and general manager of WCYB-TV in Bristol, Va.; David
Workman, president and chief operating officer of Ultimate Electronics Inc.; and
John Taylor, VP of public affairs for Zenith Electronics Corp.