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Digital Continues to Take Away Ad Dollars From TV Buys

More and more ad dollars are migrating from television to digital properties, according to a report by MediaPost.

While television still represents the majority of media bought by major agency holding companies, "digital" now accounts for 25 cents of every ad dollar spent, said the story, which cited date from Standard Media Index (SMI).

As of March, digital's share of media buys processed by major agencies was 24.6%, while television declined to 60.3%, according to the story. The numbers reflected the fact that TV ad spending fell 5%, while digital rose 15% over the same time as last year.

The story said that in the past quarter cable network spending rose 1% accounted for a greater share -- 25.6% -- of agency budgets than the major broadcast networks. It was unclear, however, if that was an industry first, as the SMI data is new to the marketplace, said the report. The story said the top 10 cable network owners account for 91% of cable network buys, and AMC let with a 25% share.

The story said that overall digital spending rose 17% to 23.5% of agency media buys. While mobile (+92%) and exchange-based digital buys (+46%) were the fastest growing sectors, display (+12%) and search (+12%) still accounted for major shares of digital spending.