Digeo Field-Tests HD IPTV with Comporium

Digeo Inc. announced Thursday the successful field test of multiple HDTV signals to its “Moxi Media Center” and “Moxi Mate” set-tops over Comporium Communications’ fiber-to-the-home and IPTV architecture in Rock Hill, S.C.

The two companies will push the envelope further when they test sending multiple HDTV signals over asymmetrical-digital-subscriber-line technology using new bonded-channel technology, Digeo CEO Mike Fidler said.

In the test, two HDTV signals were sent over Comporium’s FTTH plant to the Moxi set-top devices. Full 19-megabit HD signals were used, Digeo, senior director of architecture and technology Armando Stettner said.

The initial test, in about a half-dozen homes, is being expanded and will include multiple HD signals over ADSL bonded-channel technology. Stettner said most of Comporium’s homes are wired for ADSL, so this will be an initial test of HD over IPTV using one HD and one standard-definition signal squeezed into the 24-megabit bonded DSL channel.

Fidler sees the test as proving HD’s potential in IPTV systems, saying it reflects Digeo’s growing interest in making an IPTV set-top.

“IP is obviously very attractive and represents a future expansive technology application,” he added. Digeo can retrofit its existing cable set-tops to handle IPTV with some minor software modifications, he said.