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Digeo, Buzztime Announce Game Expansion

Digeo Inc. announced that it is adding four new games from Iacta LLC to its interactive-TV platform, while Buzztime Entertainment Inc. said Susquehanna Communications Inc. will launch six new Buzztime games to its subscribers.

The four new “Games4TV” titles on the Digeo platform are “Solitaire,” “Depth Charge,” “Checkers” and “Bijoux.” They join other Moxi games including “Video Poker,” “Blackjack,” “Blast It,” “Invasion Ware,” “Tomato” and “Domino Dementia.”

Buzztime said SusCom is adding “Checkers,” “Memory,” “Solitaire,” “Poker,” “Jungle Bop” and “Hexagone” to its gaming platform on its York and Williamsport, Pa., and Brunswick, Maine, systems.

Led by SusCom, Buzztime said its games reach 250,000 digital subscribers.