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Dick Clark Suffers Stroke

Dick Clark, American Bandstand host and veteran TV producer, has been hospitalized after suffering a mild stroke.

Clark, 75, helped to popularize rock with his weekly ABC Bandstand show, combining a clean-cut, ever-youthful image that even susipicious mothers had to love with an obvious love and respect for the genre.

Clark has followed that television first act with a successful second as producer of various TV properties, including NBC's American Dreams--which weaves the Bandstand theme into a scripted drama--various awards shows including The Golden Globes, a New Year's Eve special, and numerous blooper shows. 

In a statement released by his publicist Wednesday, Clark said: “The doctors tell me I should be back in the swing of things before too long so I’m hopeful to be able to make it to Times Square to help lead the country in bringing in the New Year once again.”