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Denson Named Molten COO

Former Viacom executive VP of global content distribution Denise Denson has been named chief operating officer at cloud-based content rights and media tech company Molten, the company said Tuesday.

Molten was formed in 2018 by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its platform allows media companies to simplify rights, content, and distribution management. Advisors to the company include Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

Denise Denson

Denise Denson

In her new role Denson will be responsible for Molten’s business development and operations functions including its expansion of capabilities into digitizing rights, content, distribution and financial operations. She reports directly to Molten founder and CEO, Arjun Mendhi.

“As demand for media and entertainment content continues to grow, Molten is evolving the underlying operations to bring scalable, automated and cost-effective cloud solutions to media and entertainment organizations,” Mendhi said in a press release. “We are thrilled to incorporate Denise’s extensive experience driving digital transformation across media distribution channels and platforms.”

Denson left Viacom (now ViacomCBS) in 2016 after 22 years at the company, where she developed and implemented a worldwide distribution strategy and led traditional and digital content distribution for more than two dozen channels, growing distribution revenues over a 10-year period from $1 billion to $5 billion annually.

“For the past 20 years, while other industries digitally transformed around us, entertainment content management kept its roots firmly planted in legacy systems built for another time,” Denson said in a press release. “Now, as consumers’ need for content grows, being able to manage and distribute content quickly is critical.”