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Democrat Adelstein Makes Friends in Dereg Places

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein pleased the president of the limited-government, free market-backing group Progress and Freedom Foundation in a keynote speech to the group's summit in Aspen.

While a text of the speech was not available at press time, Foundation President Ray Gifford blogged that Adelstein had urged less regulation on indecency, multicast must-carry and cable a la carte, all positions supported by the group.

By contrast, free market fan Republican Chairman Kevin Martin has supported tougher indecency regs, mandated multicast must-carry and pushed the industry to adopt a la carte.

"The Commissioner urged caution, restraint and reliance on markets rather than regulation," said Gifford. That made Adelstein three for four in his book, he said, since the commissioner remains a defender of media ownership regulation, which the foundation does not support.

Adelstein has voted with the majority on the FCC findings of indecency against a host of shows, but has criticized some parts of those decisions, particularly the fining of a blues documentary on PBS for profanity.