In Demand to Show Its HD ‘Mojo’

In Demand Networks hopes to get its mojo working next month.

The cable-industry video-on-demand and pay-per-view purveyor will roll out two nights of original HD programming for its INHD service, beginning the week of June 18, via its “Mojo” block, running from 9 p.m.-midnight (EST) Sundays and Wednesdays.

In Demand currently has nine series in development within the realms of cuisine and spirits, music, high-tech, finance and adventurous travel. Officials said six will premiere when the Mojo block premieres. The series in development are: Taste, Beer Nutz, After Hours with Daniel, Decades, LondonLive!, Doctor Danger (working title), Fueled, Technical Difficulties and Wall Street Warriors.

“In just three years, INHD has successfully built a loyal and enthusiastic following among the early adopters of the hi-def experience,” CEO Rob Jacobson said in a prepared statement.

“This audience has grown to want even more than just great-quality video,” he added. “They want an HD destination specifically designed to serve their interests: Mojo is that destination. It is dedicated to being an exhilarating resource for men who live accomplished and adventurous lives and who have an insatiable appetite for exploration of new worlds, new ideas and new achievements.”