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Deloitte slams Adelphia

Adelphia Communications Corp.'s ex-auditors, Deloitte & Touche LLP, blasted
the company's new managers, claiming that they withheld information from the

Deloitte contended that its auditors had difficulties securing information
even after a special committee of the board was set up to examine irregularities
at the cable operator.

Adelphia's new management fired Deloitte June 9, but it had been pushing the
firm to resume its audit of the company just six days earlier. Deloitte said it
couldn't get information.

In a letter Adelphia filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission
Monday, Deloitte complained that six financial and investor-relations executives
who might have been implicated in inappropriate conduct were still employed by
the company in early June. Deloitte said it couldn't rely on statements from
those six executives, who were cooperating with federal criminal investigators
looking at the company.

Deloitte didn't explain much about its review of Adelphia's books before the
scandal broke last March.

The complete filing can be found at the SEC's Web site: target='new'>'>