DECE OKs Nagra’s DRM

Nagra said its digital rights management platform, MediaAccess Persistent Rights Management, has been approved by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the consortium behind UltraViolet, a digital locker format for movies and TV shows backed by several major studios as well as CableLabs, Cox Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

DECE approval means Nagra’s MediaAccess PRM platform is approved to protect DECE/UltraViolet streaming of premium standard-def and HD content to a wide range of “open” devices, a follow on to approval for streaming to closed devices.

“As a longstanding supporter of our initiative, NAGRA has unique expertise in pay-TV content protection and a DRM technology that has established a proven track record with service providers around the world,” said Mitch Singer, president of DECE, in a statement. “We look forward to working closely with them as part of the DECE eco-system.”

“Customers choosing PRM to protect their services now know that it’s among a very small class of the world’s most trusted DRMs – and the only one with a roadmap driven purely by the needs of pay TV operators,” added Maurice van Riek, SVP and head of content  and asset security for Nagra.