Death Knocks on Spike TV’s Door

Beverly Hills, Calif. -- Spike TV invested in an eight-hour series, The Kill Point, a bank-heist/standoff drama that the network will support with original Webisodes that will appear between each new television episode.

The drama features John Leguizamo as a Gulf War veteran and leader of the bank-robbery crew and Donnie Wahlberg as the Philadelphia hostage negotiator. The series will begin, with limited commercial interruptions, July 22.

The Webisodes on the network’s site will center on the efforts of one of the series’ characters, a bank robber who escapes from the crime scene and works outside to mobilize a crew to try to liberate the trapped robbers. The content will also include “stuff we couldn’t fit into the show,” producers said.

Spike TV will also debut a show designed to be paired with off-network acquisition CSI:New York. The reality-competition show is Murder. Laypeople go through the re-creation of the scene of a true crime and are given 48 hours, under the guidance of a veteran Texas homicide detective, to deduce the facts of the murder.