KFTY (TV)/Santa Rosa, Calif.; KVOS-TV/Bellingham, Wash.
PRICE: $26.6 million
BUYER: LK Station Group LLC (Barbara Laurence, mng member/parent)
SELLER: Newport Television LLC (Sandy DiPasquale, president/CEO)
BROKER: Kalil & Co., Inc.
FACILITIES: KFTY (TV): Ch. 50, 302 kW, ant. 3,081 ft.; KVOS-TV: Ch. 12, 234 kW, ant. 2,369 ft.
COMMENT: With a $1.4 million escrow deposit.
KJEF-CA/Jennings, La.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Gap Broadcasting LLC (George Laughlin, president)
SELLER: Apex Broadcasting Inc (SC) (Dean Pearce, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 13, 0.012 kW, ant. 241 ft.
BROKER: Kalil & Co., Inc.
COMMENT: Apex Broadcasting's KJEF-CA/Jennings, LA along with 6 radio stations, to Gap Broadcasting for $13.5 million.


KWBE-AM/Beatrice, Neb., KLIN-AM, KBBK-FM & KLNC-FM/Lincoln, Neb., and KFGE-FM/Milford (Lincoln), Neb.
PRICE: $17.5 million
BUYER: NRG Media LLC (Mary Quass, president/CEO); owns 37 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Triad Broadcasting Company (David Benjamin, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: KWBE-AM: 1450 kHz, 530 W day/night; KLIN-AM: 1400 kHz, 1 kW day/night; KBBK-FM: 107.3 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 551 ft.; KLNC-FM: 105.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 453 ft.; KFGE-FM: 98.1 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 981 ft.
FORMAT: KWBE-AM: Nws/Inf/AC; KLIN-AM: Nws/Tlk/Spt; KBBK-FM: Hot AC; KLNC-FM: Oldies; KFGE-FM: Country
BROKER: Frank Higney of Kalil & Co., Inc.
COMMENT: Payable in cash at closing. $1.75 million escrow deposit.
WQOL-FM/Vero Beach (Ft. Pierce-Stuart-Vero Beach), Fla.; WMEQ-AM/Menomonie, Wis.
PRICE: Undisclosed
TERMS: Transfer to a trust
BUYER: Aloha Station Trust LLC (Jeanette Tully, sole member); owns 117 other stations, including WCZR-FM, WOLL-FM & WSYR-FM/Ft. Pierce-Stuart-Vero Beach
SELLER: Clear Channel (John Hogan, CEO/radio)
FACILITIES: WQOL-FM, 103.7 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 476 ft.; WMEQ-AM, 880 kHz, 10 kW day/210 W night
FORMAT: WQOL-FM, Oldies; News/Talk
COMMENT: Transfer of certain Clear Channel stations to Aloha Station Trust LLC, prior to or simultaneously with consummation of the merger/privatization, to comply with the FCC ownership limits.
KBLO-FM/Corcoran (Visalia-Tulare-Hanford), Calif.
PRICE: $2.2 million
TERMS:Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Luna Communications (Abel De Luna, COO/radio group); owns nine other stations, including KMQA-FM/Visalia-Tulare-Hanford
SELLER: Mapleton Communications LLC (Adam Nathanson, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: 102.3 MHz, 20 kW, ant. 381 ft.
FORMAT: Mexican
BROKER: Media Services Group
KCKK-AM/Littleton (Denver-Boulder), Colo.
PRICE: $4.4 million
TERMS: Asset sale for cash & note
BUYER: Mile High Sports Radio LLC (Nathan Drage, member); owns no other stations
SELLER: NRC Broadcasting Inc (Tim Brown, chairman/CEO)
FACILITIES: 1510 kHz, 10 kW day/19 kW night
FORMAT: Country
COMMENT: Paid as $2.2 million cash at closing, including $200K escrow deposit, plus $2.2 million promissory note (to pay $2.2 million plus all accrued interest 1 year from closing).
WNWF-AM/Destin (Ft. Walton Beach), Fla.
PRICE: $215,000
TERMS: Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Andala Enterprises Inc (John Ralls, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Flagship Communications Inc (Keith Vanover, president)
FACILITIES:1120 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Talk/News
KTSR-FM/De Quincy, La.; KJEF-AM & KHLA-FM/Jennings, La.; KJMH-FM/Lake Arthur, La.; KLCL-AM & KNGT-FM/Lake Charles, La.
PRICE: $13.5 million
BUYER: BUYER: Gap Broadcasting LLC (George Laughlin, president); owns 54 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Apex Broadcasting Inc (SC) (Dean Pearce, president)
FACILITIES:KTSR-FM: 92.1 MHz, 14 kW, ant. 449 ft.; KJEF-AM: 1290 kHz, 1 kW day/280 W night; KHLA-FM: 92.9 MHz, 30 kW, ant. 640 ft.; KJMH-FM: 107.5 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 463 ft.; KLCL-AM: 1470 kHz, 5 kW day/500 W night; KNGT-FM: 99.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,021 ft.
FORMAT: KTSR-FM: Hot AC; KJEF-AM: Country; KHLA-FM: Oldies; KJMH-FM: Urban AC; KLCL-AM: Country; KNGT-FM: Country
BROKER: Kalil & Co., Inc.

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro Chantilly, Va.www.bia.com703-818-2425