WBZS(FM) Prince Frederick (Washington), Md.; WKDL(AM) Alexandria and WBPS(FM) Warrenton (Washington), Va.
PRICE: $33 million
BUYER: Red Zebra Broadcasting LLC (Bennett Zier, president/CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Mega Communications Holdings LLC (Adam Lindemann, member)
FACILITIES: WBZS(FM): 92.7 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 476 ft.; WKDL(AM): 730 kHz, 8 kW day/25 W night; WBPS(FM): 94.3 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 574 ft.
FORMAT: WBZS(FM): Spanish/Tropical; WKDL(AM): Spanish/Mexican; WBPS(FM): Spanish/Tropical


WVLC(FM) Mannsville, Ky.
PRICE: $1.1 million
BUYER: Shoreline Communications Inc. (Alan W. Reed, president); owns one other station, not in this market
SELLER: Patricia Rodgers
FACILITIES: 99.9 MHz, 11 kW, ant. 492 ft.
FORMAT: Country
BROKER: Ed Henson of Henson Media
KHTO(FM) Milton- Freewater (Richland- Kennewick-Pasco), Ore.
PRICE: $900,000
BUYER: Bustos Media Enterprises LLC (Amador S. Bustos, owner/president); owns 27 other stations, including KZTB(FM) Richland-Kennewick-Pasco
SELLER: Alexandra Communications Inc. (Tom Hodgins, president/treasurer)
FACILITIES: 97.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 899 ft.
BROKER: MCH Enterprises Inc.
COMMENT: Bustos Media of Eastern Washington License is swapping KMMG(FM) Weston, Ore., with Alexandra Communications’ KHTO(FM) Milton-Freewater, Ore. Additionally, Bustos Media will pay Alexandra Communications $900,000 cash at closing.
KMMG(FM) Weston (Richland-Kennewick-Pasco), Ore.
BUYER: Alexandra Communications Inc. (Tom Hodgins, president/treasurer); owns five other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Bustos Media Enterprises LLC (Amador S. Bustos, owner/president)
FACILITIES: 101.9 MHz, 14 kW, ant. 958 ft.
FORMAT: Spanish/Oldies/Full Service
BROKER: MCH Enterprises Inc.
COMMENT: See item above.
WKAB(FM) Berwick (Wilkes-Barre–Scranton), Pa.
PRICE: $800,000
BUYER: Joseph and Nancy Reilly (Joseph F. Reilly, president); owns one other station, WHLM(AM) Wilkes Barre-Scranton
SELLER: 4M Broadcasting Inc. (Robert Moisey, president)
FACILITIES: 103.5 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 387 ft.
FORMAT: Classic Hits
BROKER: Kozacko Media Services
WHEL(FM) Helen, Ga.
PRICE: $705,000
BUYER: Sorenson Broadcasting Corp. (Dean Sorenson, president); owns 15 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Radio Seoul Georgia LLC (Earl Kim, president)
FACILITIES: 105.1 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 614 ft.
FORMAT: Korea/Ethnic
WNDJ(FM) White Stone, Va.
PRICE: $700,000
BUYER: Two Rivers Communications Inc. (William C. Sherard, president); owns one other station, not in this market
SELLER: Windmill Communications Inc. (Millard Younts, president)
FACILITIES: 104.9 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 233 ft.
FORMAT: Adult Standard
BROKER: Mitt Younts of EnVest Media LLC
WGKY(FM) Wickliffe, Ky.
PRICE: $400,000
BUYER: Withers Broadcasting Co. (W. Russell Withers Jr., president); owns 22 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Wickliffe Rental Properties Inc. (R. Keith Kelley, president)
FACILITIES: 95.9 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 361 ft.
FORMAT: Country
WLWR(FM) Fond Du Lac, Wis.
PRICE: $350,000
BUYER: Educational Media Foundation (Richard Jenkins, president); owns 155 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Cornerstone Community Radio Inc. (Richard Van Zandt, president)
FACILITIES: 91.7 MHz, 20 kW, ant. 357 ft.
FORMAT: Religion
WQSA(FM) Unadilla (Macon), Ga.
PRICE: $350,000
BUYER: HAJAAAA Communications LLC (Anthony M. Hernandez, manager/member); owns no other stations
SELLER: Toccoa Falls College (Dave Cornelius, executive VP)
FACILITIES: 99.9 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.
WANA(AM) Anniston, Ala.
PRICE: $330,000
BUYER: Jacobs Broadcast Group (Jim Jacobs, president); owns one other station, none in this market
SELLER: Dewey D, Lankford
FACILITIES: 1490 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Urban/Christian Contemporary/Gospel
KSCQ(FM) Silver City, N.M.
PRICE: $330,000
BUYER: SkyWest Media LLC (Ted Tucker Jr., managing member); owns no other stations
SELLER: The Q Inc. (Michael Rowse, president/director)
FACILITIES: 92.9 MHz, 12 kW, ant. 1,024 ft.
BROKER: Explorer Communications
KHWK(FM) Tonopah, Nev.
PRICE: $325,000
BUYER: Hilltop Church (Vernon Miller, chairman); owns one other station, not in this market
SELLER: Donald W. Kaminski (Don Kaminski, owner)
FACILITIES: 92.7 MHz, 290 W, ant. 971 ft.


WWAA(AM) Avondale Estates (Atlanta), Ga.
PRICE: $12 million
BUYER: JW Broadcasting Inc. (Joseph Weber, president); owns one other station, WMLB(AM) Atlanta
SELLER: Intermart Broadcasting (Patricia S. Dahlin, VP)
FACILITIES: 1690 kHz, 10 kW day/1 kW night
BROKER: Eddie Esserman of Media Services Group
WCBW(AM) Highland (St. Louis), Ill.
PRICE: $1 million
BUYER: Birach Broadcasting Corp. (Sima Birach, president); owns 12 other stations, including WEW(AM) St. Louis
SELLER: New Life Evangelistic Center Inc. (Larry Rice, president)
FACILITIES: 880 kHz, 2 kW day/160 W night
FORMAT: Christian Contemporary
WFAY(AM) Fayetteville, N.C.
PRICE: $850,000
BUYER: Norsan Consulting and Management Inc. (Norberto Sanchez, president/CEO); owns eight other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Colonial Radio Group (Jeffrey Andrulonis, president)
FACILITIES: 1230 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Sports
BROKER: Stan Raymond of Stan Raymond and Associates Inc.
KAGC(AM) Bryan (Bryan-College Station), Texas
PRICE: $728,000
BUYER: Bryan Broadcasting Corp. (William R. Hicks, president); owns three other stations: KZNE(AM), WTAW(AM) and KNDE(FM) Bryan-College Station
SELLER: Divcon Associates (Bob Bell, president)
FACILITIES: 1510 kHz, 500 W
FORMAT: Christian Contemporary
WSRP(AM) Jacksonville (Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville), N.C.
PRICE: $475,000
BUYER: Estuardo Rodriquez (Estuardo Valdemar Rodriguez, joint tenant); owns seven other stations, including WLNR(AM) Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville
SELLER: Ronald W. Benfield
FACILITIES: 910 kHz, 5 kW
FORMAT: News/Talk/Sports

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