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WBMM (TV) Tuskegee, Ala.
PRICE: $2 million
BUYER: Sagamore Hill Broadcasting (Louis Wall, president/CEO)
SELLER: Equity Broadcasting Corp. (Greg W. Fess, executive VP)
FACILITIES: Ch. 22, 2,820 kW, ant. 1,119 ft.
KVPX(LP) Las Vegas
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Mako Communications LLC (Michael Mintz, president)
SELLER: LocalOne TV LP (James L. Anderson, president/general partner)
FACILITIES: Ch. 28, 54 kW, ant. 1,183 ft.
K35FH Flagstaff, Ariz.
PRICE: $60,000
BUYER: Jerry Marth
SELLER: Trinity Broadcasting Network Inc. (Paul F. Crouch, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 35, 1.3 kW
K02PW Clovis, N.M.
PRICE: $35,000
BUYER: Faith Christian Church Inc. (Virginia McCreery, secretary)
SELLER: Bryan A. King (Bryan A. King, sole owner)
K48IQ Billings, Mont.
PRICE: $10,000
BUYER: Western Family Tele­vision (Roger Lonnquist, chairman)
SELLER: Laurie Mintz (Laurie Mintz, member)
FACILITIES: Ch. 48, 7.08 kW, ant. -177 ft.


KCTX(AM) and KCTX(FM) Childress, Texas
PRICE: $232,000 plus land in Turkey, Texas
BUYER: James G. Boles; owns no other stations
SELLER: Kenneth Paul Harris Sr.
FACILITIES: KCTX(AM): 1510 kHz, 250 W; KCTX(FM): 96.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 476 ft.
FORMAT: KCTX(AM): Oldies; KCTX(FM): Country
WWYY(FM) Belvidere (Allentown-Bethlehem), N.J.; WTKZ(AM) Allentown, WEEX(AM) and WODE(FM) Easton (Allentown- Bethlehem), WPLY(AM) Mount Pocono, WVPO(AM) and WSBG(FM) Stroudsburg (Wilkes-Barre–Scranton), Pa.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Access.1 Communications (Chesley Maddox- Dorsey, president/director); owns 20 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP (Louis Mercatanti Jr., president/chairman)
FACILITIES: WWYY(FM): 107.1 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 719 ft.; WTKZ(AM): 1320 kHz, 750 W day/195 W night; WEEX(AM): 1230 kHz, 840 W day/1 kW night; WODE(FM): 99.9 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 449 ft.; WPLY(AM): 960 kHz, 1 kW day/24 W night; WVPO(AM): 840 kHz, 250 W; WSBG(FM): 93.5 MHz, 550 W, ant. 764 ft.
FORMAT: WWYY(FM): AC; WTKZ(AM): Sports; WEEX(AM): Sports; WODE(FM): Classic Hits; WPLY(AM): Oldies; WVPO(AM): Oldies; WSBG(FM): Modern Rock
BROKER: Glenn Serafin of Serafin Brothers Inc.


KKCS(FM) Colorado Springs, Colo.
PRICE: $18.5 million
BUYER: Bustos Media Enterprises LLC (Amador S. Bustos, owner/president); owns 27 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Superior Broadcasting (Chris Devine, partner)
FACILITIES: 101.9 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.
FORMAT: Spanish/Mexican
BROKER: Thomas Gammon of Americom and Chuck Lontine of Marconi Media Ventures
WHTS(FM) Rock Island (Quad Cities), Ill.
PRICE: $3.5 million
BUYER: Educational Media Foundation (Richard Jenkins, president); owns 158 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Mercury Broadcasting Co. Inc. (Van H Archer III, president)
FACILITIES: 98.9 MHz, 39 kW, ant. 899 ft.
WXQW(FM) Meridianville and WWXQ(FM) Trinity (Huntsville), Ala.
PRICE: $3.3 million
BUYER: Cumulus Media Inc. (Lewis W. Dickey Jr., president/CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Clear Channel Communications (John Hogan, CEO, radio)
FACILITIES: WXQW(FM): 94.1 MHz, 410 W, ant. 1,155 ft.; WWXQ(FM): 92.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 423 ft.
FORMAT: WXQW(FM): Adult Hits; WWXQ(FM): Adult Hits
WKQV(FM)(CP) Richwood, Va.
PRICE: $482,500
BUYER: Summit Media Broadcasting (Al Sergi, managing member); owns two other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Radioactive LLC (Benjamin L. Homel, president/member)
FACILITIES: 105.5 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 825 ft.


KVSN(AM) Tumwater (Seattle-Tacoma), Wash.
PRICE: $500,000
BUYER: KUOW/Puget Sound Public Radio (Wayne Roth, general manager); owns no other stations
SELLER: Evergreen Broadcasting Inc. (Lawrence Adams, president/GM)
FACILITIES: 1340 kHz; 1 kW
FORMAT: Christian
BROKER: Public Radio Capital
WGTX(AM) De Funiak Springs, Fla.
PRICE: $325,000
BUYER: The Sportzmax Inc. (Stephen C. Riggs III, president/director); owns no other stations
SELLER: New Mind Broadcasting LLC (John H. Beebe, manager)
FACILITIES: 1280 kHz, 9 kW day/46 W night
WAMM(AM) Woodstock (Winchester), Va.
PRICE: $300,000
BUYER: Jason M. Rodriguez; owns no other stations
SELLER: Hometown Broadcasting LLC (Margaret S. Boston, managing member)
FACILITIES: 1230 kHz, 1 kW day/250 W night
FORMAT: Big Band/Nostalgia

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro. Chantilly, Va.,