KCEB (DT)/Longview, Texas
PRICE: $948,000
BUYER: London Broadcasting (Terry London, president/CEO)
SELLER: CharlesChatelain
FACILITIES: Ch. 38, 5,000 kW, ant. 878 ft.
COMMENT: Payable in cash at closing; $853.2K for Class A assets plus $94.8Kfor Class B assets. $100K of Class A assets will be paid directly to SilverPoint Finance.
KPDR-LP/Park City, Utah
PRICE: $70,000
BUYER: MCUSALLC (Don Winters, director)
SELLER: Craig & Marilyn Caples and William Mitchell (Craig Caples, partner)
FACILITIES: Ch. 56, 0.71 kW
KRRI-LP/Reno, Nev.
PRICE: $9,000
BUYER: Equity Media Holdings Corp.(Jason Roberts,secretary)
SELLER: NGEN Solutions LLC (Tariq Ahmad, manager)
FACILITIES: Ch. 25, 13.4 kW, ant. 505 ft.
COMMENT: Payable in cash at closing; $1K escrow deposit.
K40DV/Yerington, Nev.
PRICE: $4,000
BUYER: Cox Broadcasting (Bruce Baker, VP)
SELLER: Lyon County Nevada (Jack Mosby, facilities manager)
FACILITIES: Ch. 40, 0.137 kW
COMMENT: $4K auction payment.


KAKS-FM/Huntsville (Fayetteville), Ark.
PRICE: $1.11 million
TERMS: Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Jay Bunyard; owns 11 other stations, including KUOA-AM/Fayetteville
SELLER: DavidsonMedia Group LLC (Felix Perez,president/CEO)
FACILITIES: 99.5 MHz,14 kW, ant. 443 ft.
FORMAT: Spanish
BROKER: Bill Whitleyof Media Services Group
COMMENT: $111K escrow deposit. Deal includes K244DS.
WTKB-FM/Atwood, Tenn.
PRICE: $550,000
TERMS: Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Solid Rock Broadcasting LLC (Bradley Owens, managing member); owns no other stations
SELLER: Grace Broadcasting Services (Charles Ennis, president/director)
FACILITIES: 93.7 MHz,15 kW, ant. 325 ft.
FORMAT: ChristianContemporary
COMMENT: Pursuant to a Time Brokerage Agreement (TBA), Buyer is paying Seller $6K each month. Buyer and Seller agree that $2K of each monthly payment, if submitted in a timely manner, shall be applied toward the purchase price at closing.
KSYY-FM/Ingram, Texas
PRICE: $475,000
TERMS: Asset sale for cash
BUYER: Radio Ranch Management (Lyndell Grubbs, president); owns one other station, none in this market
SELLER: Radioactive LLC (Benjamin Homel, president/member)
FACILITIES: 96.5 MHz, 8 kW, ant. 430 ft.
FORMAT: AdultContemporary
COMMENT: Payable in cash at closing.
KCWH-FM/Weed, Calif.
PRICE: $455,000
TERMS: Asset sale for cash and note
BUYER: TRC Enterprises LLC (Martin Howell, member); owns no other stations
SELLER: Jamison-Wolf Enterprises (Lee Jamison, president)
FACILITIES: 102.3MHz, 16 kW, ant.1,942 ft.
FORMAT: Classic Hits
COMMENT: $25K earnest money, $75K deposit and $355K promissory note.

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro Chantilly, Va.