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WNDU(TV) South Bend, Ind.
PRICE: $85 million
BUYER: Gray Television Inc. (Robert S. Prather Jr., president/COO/director)
SELLER: Michiana Telecasting (James Behling, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 16, 5,000 kW, ant. 1,070 ft.
BROKER: Kalil and Co. Inc.
COMMENT: Gray TV is acquiring all the capital stock of Michiana Telecasting, the University of Notre Dame-owned company that operates WNDU(TV).
KQDF(LP) Albuquerque, N.M.
PRICE: $816,000
BUYER: Una Vez Mas LLC (Terry Crosby, president/CEO)
SELLER: Shaffer Communications Group Inc. (Joseph W. Shaffer, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 25, 31.1K, ant. 530 ft.
AFFILIATION: Azteca America
WAEN(LP) Asheville, N.C.; WSQY(LP) Spartanburg, S.C.
PRICE: $500,000
BUYER: Daystar Television Network (Marcus Lamb, president/CEO)
SELLER: Asheville Media Group Inc. (Andrew Cambron, managing member)
FACILITIES: WAEN(LP): Ch. 64, 50 kW; WSQY(LP): Ch. 51, 10 kW, ant. 57 ft.


WMLP(AM) and WVLY(FM) Milton (Sunbury- Selinsgrove-Lewisburg), Pa.
PRICE: $3 million
BUYER: Sunbury Broadcasting Corp. (Roger S. Haddon Jr., president/CEO); owns three other stations: WKOK(AM), WEGH(FM) and WQKX(FM) Sunbury-Selinsgrove-Lewisburg
SELLER: Milton Lewisburg Broadcasters (Donald Steese, VP)
FACILITIES: WMLP(AM): 1380 kHz, 1 kW day/18 W night; WVLY(FM): 100.9 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 715 ft.
FORMAT: WMLP(AM): Talk; WVLY(FM): Soft Rock
BROKER: Patrick Communications
COMMENT: Sunbury programs the stations under an LMA.
KRMX(AM) and KNKN(FM) Pueblo, Colo.
PRICE: $2 million
BUYER: JaneGary Inc. (Lupe B. Brown, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Metropolitan Radio Group (Mark L. Acker, president)
FACILITIES: KRMX(AM): 690 kHz, 250 W day/24 W night; KNKN(FM): 106.9 MHz, 28 kW, ant. 666 ft.
FORMAT: KRMX(AM): Spanish/ Mexican/Variety; KNKN(FM): Spanish/Variety
WBLA(AM) and WGQR(FM) Elizabethtown, N.C.
PRICE: $875,000
BUYER: Christian Listening Network Inc. (George Wilson, president); owns three other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Sound Business of Elizabethtown (Lee Hauser, president)
FACILITIES: WBLA(AM): 1440 kHz, 5 kW day/197 W night; WGQR(FM): 105.7 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 381 ft.
FORMAT: WBLA(AM): Oldies/Beach/Gospel; WGQR(FM): Oldies/Beach/Gospel
KRKK(AM), KQSW(FM) and KSIT(FM) Rock Springs, Wyo.
PRICE: $800,000
BUYER: Communications Corp. of the Americas (John Shassetz, co-owner); owns no other stations
SELLER: Communications Corp. of the Americas (Bill Luzmoor, president)
FACILITIES: KRKK(AM): 1360 kHz, 5 kW day/1 kW night; KQSW(FM): 96.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,621 ft.; KSIT(FM): 99.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,619 ft.
FORMAT: KRKK(AM): Oldies; KQSW(FM): Country; KSIT(FM): Rock
COMMENT: Shassetz is selling his 50% interest in Communications Corp. to Luzmoor, who becomes 100% owner.


NEW (FM) Mesquite (Las Vegas), Nev.; NEW (FM)(CP) Hurricane, Utah
PRICE: $11.5 million
BUYER: Simmons Media Group Inc. (G. Craig Hanson, president); owns 24 other stations, including KADD(FM) Las Vegas
SELLER: College Creek Broadcasting Inc. (Neal J. Robinson, president)
FACILITIES: NEW (FM) Mesquite: 96.7 MHz, 61 kW, ant. 2,383 ft.; NEW (FM)(CP) Hurricane: 103.1 MHz, 92 kW, ant. 2,034 ft.
FORMAT: NEW (FM) Mesquite: CP–NOA; NEW (FM)(CP) Hurricane: CP–NOA
WNUY(FM) Bluffton (Ft. Wayne), Ind.
PRICE: $1 million
BUYER: Independence Media Holdings LLC (David F. Jacobs, president/CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Wells County Radio (Joe Shanley, president/GM)
FACILITIES: 100.1 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 299 ft.
BROKER: Roehling Broadcast Services Ltd


WEFL(AM) Tequesta (West Palm Beach-Boca Raton), Fla.
PRICE: $2.8 million
BUYER: Good Karma Broadcasting (Craig Karmazin, president); owns seven other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Star Development Group Inc. (Carl Tutera, president)
FACILITIES: 760 kHz, 3 kW day/2 kW night
FORMAT: Sports
BROKER: Robert Mahlman of Mahlman Co.
COMMENT: Good Karma has been operating WEFL under an LMA.
WYSR(AM) High Point (Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point), N.C.
PRICE: $780,000
BUYER: Latino Communications LLC (Jose A. Isasi, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Eastern Broadcasting Group (Michael Sbuttoni, president)
FACILITIES: 1590 kHz, 1 kW day/14 W night
FORMAT: Sports
BROKER: Ted Gray
WHIM(AM) Apopka (Orlando), Fla.
PRICE: $600,000
BUYER: Salem Comm. Corp. (Edward G. Atsinger III, president/CEO); owns 105 other stations, including WORL(AM) and WTLN(AM) Orlando
SELLER: Alton Rainbow Corp. (Thomas H. Moffit Sr., president)
FACILITIES: 1520 kHz, 5 kW day/350 W night
FORMAT: Christian
KPOW(AM) Powell, Wyo.
PRICE: $550,000
BUYER: MGR Media LLC (Russ Graham, president/manager); owns no other stations
SELLER: Chaparral Comm. (Jerrold Lundquist, president)
FACILITIES: 1260 kHz, 5 kW day/1 kW night
FORMAT: Country/Talk

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