KSMO(TV) Kansas City, Mo.
PRICE: $26.8 million
BUYER: Meredith Corp. (Kevin O’Brien, president/broadcast group)
SELLER: Sinclair Broadcast Group (David D. Smith, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: Ch. 62, 1795 kW, ant. 1119 ft.
COMMENT: The companies will enter into a joint sales agreement for the station. Meredith will also have the opportunity to purchase the station’s license assets for an additional $6.7 million later if allowed under FCC rules.
WOTM(LP) Montevallo, Ala.
PRICE: $2 million
BUYER: WOTM LLC (Michael A. Plaia, manager)
SELLER: James Donald Earley (James Donald Earley, owner)
FACILITIES: Ch: 19, 12.6 kW
K23GJ Colorado Springs, KCIN(LP) Denver and K57AA Estes Park, Colo.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: McGraw-Hill Broadcasting (Ed Quinn, president)
SELLER: Syncom Media Group Inc. (Christopher Blair, president)
FACILITIES: K23GJ: Ch. 23, 50 kW; KCIN(LP): Ch. 27, 38 kW; K57AA: Ch. 36, 150 kW


KQVO(FM) Calexico, Calif.
PRICE: $1.1 million
BUYER: San Diego State University (Doug Myrland, general manager); owns one other station, none in this market
SELLER: Hanson Broadcasting Co. Inc. (Elana Hanson, president)
FACILITIES: 97.7 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 305 ft.
FORMAT: Spanish/Top 40
COMMENT: Purchase price is intended to be a bargain sale. To the extent that the fair-market value of the assets exceeds the purchase price, the difference will be a charitable contribution by seller to buyer on closing date.


WCMS(AM) Norfolk (Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News), Va.
PRICE: $975,000
BUYER: Davidson Media Group LLC ( Peter Davidson, president); owns 11 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Barnstable Broadcasting Inc. ( Michael Kaneb, president/COO)
FACILITIES: 1050 kHz, 5 kW day/358 W night
FORMAT: Country
BROKER: Kalil and Co. Inc.


WTKB(FM) Atwood, WTNE(AM) and WTNE(FM) Trenton, Tenn.
PRICE: $2.1 million
BUYER: Grace Broadcasting Services (Lacy Ennis, president/CEO); owns two other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Thunderbolt Broadcasting Co. (Paul F. Tinkle, president)
FACILITIES: WTKB(FM): 93.7 MHz, 15 kW, ant. 325 ft.; WTNE(AM): 1500 kHz, 250 W day/6 W night; WTNE(FM): 97.7 MHz, 49 kW, ant. 302 ft.
FORMAT: WTKB(FM): Oldies; WTNE(AM): AC; WTNE(FM): Country
BROKER: Ed Henson of Henson Media
KPGG(FM) Ashdown (Texarkana), Ark; KVSL(AM), KVWM(AM), KRFM(FM) and KSNX(FM) Show Low, Ariz.; KMOQ(FM) Baxter Springs, KJML(FM) Columbus and KCAR(FM) Galena (Joplin), Kan.; KQYX(AM) and WMBH(AM) Joplin, KBTN(AM) and KBTN(FM) Neosho (Joplin), Mo.; KCAR(AM) and KGAP(FM) Clarksville, KEWL(FM) New Boston and KKTK(AM) Texarkana, Texas
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: FFD Holdings Inc. (Donald C. Henderson, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Petracom Media LLC (Henry A. Ash, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: KPGG(FM): 103.9 MHz, 5 kW, ant. 354 ft.; KVSL(AM): 1450 kHz, 1 kW day/950 W night; KVWM(AM): 970: kHz, 5 kW day/195 W night; KRFM(FM): 96.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 994 ft.; KSNX(FM) 93.5 MHz, 25 kW, ant 148 ft.; KMOQ(FM): 107.1, 6 kW ant. 299 ft.; KJML(FM): 105.3 MHz, 13 kW, ant. 289 ft.; KCAR(FM): 104.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.; KQYX(AM): 1450 kHz, 1 kW; WMBH(AM): 1560 kHz, 250 W day/9 W night; KBTN(AM): 1420 kHz, 1 kW day/500 W night; KBTN(FM): 99.7 MHz, 17 kW, ant. 404 ft.; KCAR(AM): 1350 kHz, 410 W day/65 W night; KGAP(FM): 98.5 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 308 ft.; KEWL(FM): 95.1 MHz, 22 kW, ant 472 ft.; KKTK(AM): 1400 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: KPGG(FM): Country; KVSL(AM): Classic Hits; KVWM(AM): News/Talk; KRFM(FM): Hot AC; KSNX(FM): Oldies; KMOQ(FM): CHR; KJML(FM): Modern Rock; KCAR(FM): Oldies; KQYX: News/Talk; WMBH(AM): Sports; KBTN(AM): Country; KBTN(FM): Country; KCAR(AM): Country; KGAP(FM): Oldies; KEWL(FM): Oldies; KKTK(AM): Oldies
COMMENT: Bankruptcy court order
KRQT(FM) Castle Rock, KLYK(FM) Kelso, KBAM(AM) and KEDO(AM) Longview, Wash.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER: Bicoastal Media LLC (Kenneth R. Dennis, president); owns 19 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Entercom (David J. Field, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: KRQT(FM): 107.1 MHz, 740 W, ant. 1732 ft.; KLYK(FM): 94.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 476 ft.; KBAM(AM): 1270 kHz, 5 kW day/83 W night; KEDO(AM): 1400 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: KRQT(FM): Classic Rock; KLYK(FM): Hot AC; KBAM(AM): Country; KEDO(AM): Oldies
BROKER: Media Venture Partners

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro. Chantilly, Va.,