Cutting Edge

PESA Gets Control

PESA Switching Systems is introducing the 3500PRO router-control system at NAB. It's compatible with all RCP-type control panels and can be installed internally on all large-scale routers or supplied in a single- or dual-controller chassis. Up to 600 inputs and outputs can be configured on 16 levels or 2,400 inputs and outputs on four levels. It also supports up to 500 control panels, each user-programmable and customizable. PESA's Excelerate program is standard, along with a GUI that gives users the capability to configure remote-control panels, system tielines, virtual matrix mapping, and diagnostic monitoring with drag-and-drop or import options.

NVision's Everything

NVision will offer NAB attendees a chance to check out the NV5128-MC, offering the combined capabilities of routing, master control and signal format conversion in a single product. It's 8RUs high and comprises a 128x128 router chassis that can include analog video inputs and outputs, analog video decoder inputs and encoder outputs, SDI inputs and outputs, AES3 audio inputs and outputs, and analog audio A/D input and D/A outputs. It also includes the full master-control functions on two cards, offering three video key and fill processors and a fourth video key for channel branding. A DVE provides effects, and audio processing for eight channels is standard (enough for Dolby E). It can handle up to four channels of master control in one frame, and each engine has access to all 128 inputs.

NBC Tokes MediaPipe

NBC News Channel has selected BitCentral's MediaPipe software to integrate broadcast, IP-over-satellite and MPEG file technologies seamlessly for the end user. MediaPipe's browser-based application will allow NBC news producers to sort through a database of stories organized by user-defined categories, view browse- or broadcast-quality video on demand, track stories, and build rundowns from their desktops. Digital servers located at each affiliate station download news stories through a Pathfire system. Rollout is slated to begin this month and is expected to be completed by the fall.

Asaca, Leitch Agreement

Asaca and Leitch reached an agreement whereby Leitch will integrate Asaca's FireFly DM series digital virtual libraries into its server products. Carsten Baumann, Leitch director of product management, says FireFly is capable of providing users with RAID-like file access at a price close to that of many tape-based solutions. FireFly uses new Serial Advanced Technology Attachment disk drives and delivers up to 48 terabytes of data per library at an unprecedented 400MBps. The system incorporates as many as 192 200GB or 250GB Serial ATA drives within a single Asaca library. The Digital Virtual Library systems integrating 200GB Serial ATA drives will be available in first quarter of 2003 and 250GB Serial ATA drives will be available in second quarter of 2003. Starting price is expected to be $100,000.