Cutting Edge

Gem of a Deal

Gemstar-TV Guide's interactive programming guide has been integrated into ICTV's HeadendWare, a broadband-based platform for content delivery. The new partnership follows successful testing on Motorola DCT2000 set-top boxes, according to Jonathan Symonds, vice president of marketing and business development for ICTV. It allows MSOs to deploy broadband interactive services without the delays of in-box, carousel-based systems.

New Path

IP video-over-satellite service provider Pathfire is lighting up news organizations with its Digital Media Gateway News Connect system. The first version of the software integrates Pathfire functionality with the Avid iNews newsroom computer system. Other newsroom systems will be integrated soon. Digital Media delivers scripts and metadata automatically into the newsroom so users don't have to change applications. Users can also view low-resolution video versions of content on newsroom computers.

Tracking TV Content

The ABC Television Network will electronically track the U.S. airings of its TV promotions, and Buena Vista will track its content with the help of a digital watermarking system from Teletrax. The technology provides a persistent digital identity for content. Other broadcast groups and networks—including Tribune, Universal Domestic Television, Reuters Television and NBC News Channel—are already using Teletrax technology.

Listen Up

CBS News has tapped Trilogy Broadcast to provide intercom/talkback and signal monitoring for its new European and Middle East base in London. Trilogy's Commander audio communications system will help link the facility and reporters with CBS New York and other CBS News facilities in Europe and the Middle East. The Commander digital audio intercom can range in size from 6x6 to 576x576 inputs and outputs. Delivery is expected in January.

A Better Look

The Weather Channel is looking to improve its on-air look by purchasing two Accom Dveous/MX universal-format digital video effects units (DVEs). The DVEs will be located in separate production-control rooms in Atlanta, replacing older Accom Dveous units. Michael Smereski, chief engineer at The Weather Channel, says the new units give the network an upgrade path to HD weather reports. For now, though, the network will take advantage of new features, such as stylizing the 3D map with the Orbital FX, blur and color corrector.