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CuriosityStream Offers ‘Destination: Jupiter’ in 4K

In advance of the Juno orbiter’s rendezvous with Jupiter, CuriosityStream is debuting Destination: Jupiter, a short-form documentary series that profiles NASA’s latest mission to the largest planet in our solar system. 

CuriosityStream said the series, offered in 4K resolution, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the story behind the five-year, 1.75 billion-mile mission ahead of Juno’s expected arrival on or around July 4.

The series features archive footage along with CGI produced by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio that illustrate the role of the mission while also offering a sneak peek into some of the state-of-the-art technology on board the spacecraft that will help the vessel survive Jupiter’s high-radiation environment.

The original series, produced by the UK's Arrow Media, follows CuriosityStream’s Destination: Pluto and Destination Mars series. Destination: Jupiter is executive produced by Arrow Media’s Howard Swartz and CuriosityStream’s Arrow Media.

“Juno’s arrival promises to be a spectacular event, offering a first-ever look into the secrets of this massive planet,” Elizabeth Hendricks North, president and CEO of CuriosityStream, said in a statement. “We are thrilled to provide this exclusive sneak peek into what scientists hope to find as they prepare for arrival.”

CuriosityStream, the over-the-top subscription video-on-demand service from Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks,  added 4K to the mix earlier this year (subscription required). CuriosityStream’s standard definition SVOD service runs $2.99 per month, $5.99 for HD, and $11.99 for 4K.  The OTT-SVOD service features more than 1,400 documentaries and  nonfiction series.

The OTT service supports several platforms, including browsers, Roku players and Roku TVs, the Google Chromecast streaming adapter, Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV, and iOS and Android mobile devices. CS is also considering expansions on PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles.