CTHRA Taps TBS HR Team, Time Warner Cable's Mathews For Excellence Award

The Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association has awarded its 2010 Excellence in Human Resources honor to Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s HR Technology Team and Time Warner Cable's executive vice president of HR Tom Mathews.

The HR Operational Efficiencies Award recognizes a superior planning and execution of a single or series of HR strategies resulting in increased revenue efficiencies, enhanced cost containment, and revenue generating customer satisfaction. The TBS HR Technology Team exhibited these traits during the implementation of its Global Employee Portal.
CTHRA's Leadership Excellence Award recognizes an HR executive who has demonstrated extraordinary and visionary leadership in addressing a critical business issue, challenge or opportunity by enhancing an organization's efficiency, performance, cost management, or profitability.

In 2009, TWC spun off from parent company Time Warner Inc. From an HR perspective, the massive undertaking was akin to creating an $18-billion startup, as much of its HR infrastructure had to be built from the ground up. The fact that the spin-off flowed seamlessly for the company's 47,000 employees is a testament to the leadership of EVP Tom Mathews.
During CTHRA's Annual HR Symposium on June 8 in Atlanta, CTHRA and Multichannel News, the awards sponsor, will present Tom Mathews and Matt Lehmann/Turner Broadcasting's HR Technology Team with their awards. The award winners will be spotlighted in the June 7 issue of Multichannel News and the May-June issue of CTHRA's Resource Connection.