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CTHRA Survey: Dynamic Year For Industry Compensation

When it came to compensation, 2014 was another good year for the cable television industry across various disciplines.

The Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association’s (CTHRA) 2014 Annual Compensation Surveys found that the average salary adjustment budget grew 3% across the industry, matching the uptick in 2013.  MSOs increased at a 3% clip, equal to the prior year, while programmer’s added 3.1% to their salary budgets, versus a 2.9% bump the prior year.

However, advances were much greater among those working in technology and digital media. In addition, compensation soared across a number of sales positions.

For their part, executives, especially among MSO leaders, notched sizable incentive grants.

“Rising salaries illustrate the cable industry’s nimble response to changes in the competitive landscape, which includes a fierce battle to attract and retain technology and digital media talent,” said Pamela Williams, CAE, CTHRA’s executive director.

Added Hali Croner, CEO of The Croner Co., which conducted the surveys for CTHRA:  "Cable operators are now competing with more companies for technology talent. The presence of over-the-top companies has upped the game for MSOs seeking to find, recruit and retain top digital talent."

Data for the 2014 survey was gleaned from 65 participating companies -- 16 distributors and 49 programmers – up from 63 in 2013. CTHRA said the participants represented the majority of the industry’s employers, including all 25 of the top national cable channels, all five national broadcast networks, new content providers and seven of the eight largest cable operators, plus DirecTV.

Survey results are industry-specific, providing analysis of pay practices for nearly 150,000 incumbents, including both exempt and non-exempt positions, from technicians to the executive suite.

Read the full press release here.