CTAM Markets Mover’s Program Through Postal Service

The Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing has successfully bid to advertise digital cable in the official national change of address program of the U.S. Postal Service.

The program reaches the majority of the 44 million Americans who relocate each year. That is roughly 24% of the country’s total households. The two-year project, dubbed Cable Mover National Change of Address Program, launches January 2008. Advertising will appear in three USPS publications: its pre-moving change-of-address guide, an online address change site and in post-move welcome kits sent to everyone who files a change of address with the post office.

“This program gives us the ability to reach out to the millions of movers through one of the most-used channels in the U.S.,” said Sam Howe, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Time Warner Cable, who is also co-chair of the CTAM MSO marketing co-op.

The advertising, which was facilitated by CTAM with support from Sand Cherry Associates on behalf of 14 participating cable companies, is administered by Imagitas, the USPS partner that produces and distributes the mover guide information.

CTAM will coordinate the print and online submissions for the 27 Imagitas markets in which the primary cable company will use their branding, offers and phone numbers. CTAM will also develop creative for the six Imagitas regions that are served by multiple providers. CTAM will manage the finances and track results for the program.

This program will expand upon CTAM’s own Cable Movers Hotline, designed to help movers transfer their multiple cable products to a new address.