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CTAM Live: Outdoor Adds 'Big Time' Comedy Skein

BOSTON -- Outdoor Channel has committed its first original scripted comedy series, debuting 2009: Jimmy Big Time, named after the show's star, Jimmy "Big Time" Miller, a self-described "inspiration to all who dream of outdoor greatness."

The comedic half-hour series offers viewers an inside look at outdoor activities with a mockumentary style of spoof and farce paired with over-the-top seriousness.

"We're excited about this show. Launching a scripted comedy is a big step for our network and the outdoor genre," said Outdoor Channel COO Tom Hornish.

Miller began his legendary outdoor career during a pro fishing tour at age seven, and has gone on to write 27 unpublished books (so don't try searching Amazon or Google) and holds hundreds of world records (although has never submitted any of them).

"I wanted to launch my new series in the entertainment and hunting capital of the free world, that's why I'm going to Boston to be a part of the CTAM Summit," Miller said, also in an Outdoor release. "While there, cable operators and envious programming executives who did not pick up my series will bask in my glory."

Miller is scheduled to make his first public appearance to announce his new show Monday, Nov. 10 during the Outdoor Channel sponsored afternoon break in Summit Central at 3:45 p.m.

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